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Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence



The department of applied artificial intelligence is the only engineering-related general graduate school department on the humanities and social sciences campus(SKKU). It conducts applied artificial intelligence research, artificial intelligence innovation, digital transformation, and related convergence research through cooperation with leading domestic and foreign universities, companies, and research institutes. Through this, it aims to maximize the use of artificial intelligence in each industry and society, as well as social artificial intelligence convergence talents that can use artificial intelligence to solve social problems.




  • Fostering social applied artificial intelligence talents that can solve social problems using A.I.
  • By maximizing the use of artifical intelligence by industry and society, human resources with problem-sloving skills by field are cultivated



Completion of Track

Completion of domain-specific tracks (required after class 21)
  • Completion of at least one of the four tracks (‘Security&AI’, ‘Internet Service&AI’, ‘Service Engineering&AI’, ‘Interaction with User’) is mandatory.
  • Consult with the advisor when completing the track and consult with the professor in charge of each track in advance.



Career Plans

  • Domestic and foreign companies and research institutes that want to utilize artificial intelligence in real industries and markets.
  • Companies in various industries that want to have expertise in data analysis and utilization and application of artificial intelligence through this.
  • Universities and educational institutions related to the use of artificial intelligence, etc.




  • STEM scholarship, Sim-San scholarship, BK21+ Scholarship, Research Scholarship.
  • Reward for excellent research, Support for participating in international conferences and symposiums.